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As a homeowner, there are certain things that you have to be responsible for such as pest control and replacing rotted wood or old wires. Relocating to a city like Ft. Lauderdale has its own responsibilities that homeowners may not be accustomed to. South Florida attracts many visitors from outside of the state for good reason. It’s a warm, tropical climate with beaches aplenty. The drawback, however, is the ever-present threat of a hurricane. Local Fort Lauderdale moving companies highly recommend following these guidelines to secure your home and ensure its safety in the upcoming storm season:


  1. Install Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane force winds can reach speeds of up to over 100mph and hurl objects into windows and doors. When you get word of an upcoming storm, installing hurricane shutters can help to protect your home from flying debris.


  1. Build According to Code

While there are other concerns to consider such as fines, building according to code is vital for hurricane proofing your home after moving to Fort Lauderdale. The city has certain mandates in place to protect homes and commercial properties from being torn apart during a storm. Outdoor construction especially must be followed to city code as incorrect construction set ups can leave a home vulnerable to significant damage amid high winds and floods.


  1. Monitor Trees Around Your Home

Flying tree branches and falling limbs are the biggest culprits of property damage during a storm. After moving to Fort Lauderdale, performing regular trimmings and checking for cracks in the heavier branches now can potentially save thousands of dollars later. Be sure to hurricane proof your home by removing any large trees that are too close to your home. They may be pretty, but it won’t be a pretty sight to see them in your living room, hanging from the roof after a hurricane.

Every move comes with its own set of items to add to the to do list. Some people have to make arrangements for pets to be transported, while others have to make lodging accommodations while they wait to be able to move into their new home. One problem we see arise with our clients from time to time at All My Sons Moving & Storage is where to sell their unwanted furniture. Oftentimes, our customers simply want to start their new life in their new home with new things. We completely understand and recommend the following:


  • Sell Your Furniture to Family Members


While it may be easier to just give away your furniture, we understand that you want to recoup some of the money you’ve spent during your move and suggest selling to family members. Not only are you potentially helping a loved one out with nicer items, but it’s great to visit family and lounge in your old favorite chair. It also adds a certain value to furniture that’s been passed down from generation to generation.


  • List Your Furniture on OfferUp, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace


People are always checking these listings for good local deals, especially when it comes to antiques and furniture. If you are moving to or from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, list your furniture at a very reasonable price and it is sure to get snatched up fast!


  • Contact Used Furniture Stores


Used furniture stores want to offload inventory more than take more on, however they are privy to purchasing items that they feel will resell at a higher value. For example, if you have authentic hand carved wooden tables that you may have been gifted, then it may be a good idea to see if you can get a good price from a furniture seller instead of waiting for someone to come take them off your hands while you’re in the process of moving.

Sunny South Florida is a prime destination for senior citizens to flock to when they’re ready to live out the golden years of their life. Millennials also love moving to Fort Lauderdale for its downtown scene, nightlife, and countless restaurants. After moving to Fort Lauderdale, All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests checking out some of the best casinos in the area to get your nightlife, restaurant, and fun in all at once.

  1. Seminole Hard Rock Casino


South Florida boasts several casinos for retirees to visit and each has its own distinct personality. The Seminole Hard Rock Casino takes the crown as the most popular due to its wide array of restaurants, night clubs and a full complement of games from blackjack to poker. The Seminole Hard Rock offers visitors a chance to take in regular live performances and sleep in one of 469 luxurious guest rooms in the 4-star diamond rated Hard Rock hotel.


  1. Seminole Casino of Coconut Creek


Unlike the Hard Rock, the Seminole Casino of Coconut Creek is much more laid back and is an ideal destination for the laid-back gambler. The casino offers live shows, fine dining, and three of the best bars and lounges around to check out after moving to Fort Lauderdale.


  1. Gulfstream Park


For those interested in horse racing, Gulfstream Park is second to none. The casino and its surrounding venues continues to attract thousands of visitors annually and has undergone massive renovations over the years to include a bowling alley, sports bars, 5-star dining and over 800 Vegas style slots.


  1. Calder Casino


Canine enthusiasts will find themselves frantically looking over their betting slips as the greyhounds come bursting out of the gate. Calder is the home of South Florida dog racing and includes slot games, table games and live music! After moving to Fort Lauderdale, Calder Casino is a very popular place to check out for retirees and dog racing enthusiasts.

From egg hunts to bouncing bunnies, this Ft. Lauderdale Easter season will be a fun filled event for families everywhere. For parents seeking family friendly Easter activities after moving to Fort Lauderdale, we recommend checking out the Fort Lauderdale Spring Eggstravaganza. The City of Ft. Lauderdale’s Parks and Recreation department will be kicking the spring season off in a big way. Parents will have plenty of options to choose from in both where to take their children and what to do with them. The Parks and Recreation department hasn’t limited its Ft. Lauderdale Easter plans to one park; instead, 5 parks will provide Easter egg hunts, games and opportunities to meet the Easter Bunny. Participating parks and times are:


  • April 8, 10 AM – 3 PM | Riverland Park

950 S.W. 27th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Block Party | Bounce House | Egg Hunts | Face Painting | Pool | Food Trucks


  • April 8, 10 AM | Mills Pond Park

2201 N.W. 9th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Egg Hunts | Spring Bunny

In partnership with the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida.


  • April 15, 10 AM – 1 PM | Holiday Park

1150 G. Harold Martin Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Bounce Houses | Carnival Games | Egg Hunts | Food Trucks

In partnership with Southcoast Church.


  • April 15, Noon – 2 PM | Croissant Park

245 W. Park Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Egg Hunts | Spring Bunny | Pool | Prizes

In partnership with the Croissant Park Civic Association.


  • April 15, 12 – 5 PM | Lauderdale Manors Park

1340 Chateau Park Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Crafts | Egg Hunts | Spring Bunny


Of all the family friendly Easter activities to choose from this season, All My Sons Moving & Storage Fort Lauderdale prefers the Eggstravaganza. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate the holiday season in a safe environment, especially after moving to Fort Lauderdale. Bring your basket and let the hunting begin!

If you are planning a move to Fort Lauderdale, you probably want to know what kind of entertainment the area has. Of course, the beaches are beautiful but you likely want a wider variety of options. If you are someone who likes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, there are plenty of ways to do so in the city. Once your Fort Lauderdale movers are done with their job, head out to one of these great options.


St. Patrick’s Day at Kelly Brothers Irish Pub


If you want a party that lasts all day, Kelly Brothers Irish Pub is the place to find it. The restaurant and bar starts the day off by serving a traditional Irish breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. When your belly is satisfied, spend the rest of the afternoon drinking pints of Guinness and stay well into the night for plenty of music and dancing.


St. Patrick’s Day at McSorley’s Beach Pub


One of the best things about moving to Fort Lauderdale is the ability to combine great bars with plenty of beach time. You can do both when you spend St. Patrick’s Day at McSorley’s Beach Pub. Fill up on traditional fare like shepherd’s pie and bangers and mash before doing a few shots of Jameson Irish Whiskey with your friends. Musicians, bagpipes and plenty of green-tinted drinks add to the party atmosphere.


St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival


Are you looking for something family-friendly to celebrate your Irish heritage? The city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade and festival includes live bands, Irish dancers and a parade. If you’re a morning person, check out the 4-mile Shamrock Run to kick off the day. Don’t forget to drop by the kid’s zone with your little ones.


If you haven’t yet moved, you need All My Sons of Fort Lauderdale to help you. Licensed movers can help you with a smooth transition so you can get unpacked and enjoy your new surroundings as soon as possible.

While your Fort Lauderdale movers are setting up the rooms in your new home, you are probably wondering where you can go to grab lunch afterward. Luckily, the city had plenty of delicious options for those who like to eat healthy meals.


Fresh First


If you’re looking for a casual, budget-friendly place to take the kids, check out Fresh First. This popular healthy eatery offers breakfast and lunch options catered to your needs. Plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are available. Customers swear by the omelets and the restaurant’s variety of juices. Sit-down service is always friendly and professional but if you prefer, you can also order takeout and delivery options.


 The Whole Enchilada


Moving to Fort Lauderdale practically requires you to check out The Whole Enchilada. The menu is made only with fresh ingredients and includes plenty of yummy options. Try the chicken chili, wide variety of burritos or the steak taco baskets. If you prefer something lighter, the restaurant also serves a variety of salads. If you have children under 10, they’ll love the quesadilla on the kid’s menu.


Pizza Fusion


You can’t beat a good pizza and you don’t have to skip it just because you’re watching your gluten or carb intake. Pizza Fusion offers a wide range of gluten-free, vegan-friendly pizzas that both kids and adults rave about. The crust is made with rice flour, fava beans and garbanzo beans and can be topped with a wide range of ingredients that are known to boost brain function, promote heart health and eliminate toxins.


Whether you prefer a casual, traditionally American lunch or you and the family enjoy a tasty Mexican or Italian-inspired cuisine, you are sure to find something healthy and delicious for the entire family in Fort Lauderdale. Check them out while the movers from All My Sons of Fort Lauderdale set up your home.

With average temperatures of 75 degrees in January and 90 degrees in July, your Fort Lauderdale movers won’t be the only ones sweating. Whether you aren’t used to the heat or simply want some new tips for staying cool, check out these fun ideas.


Buy a Bunch of Spray Bottles


Spray bottles full of water for misting your face and arms are not only refreshing but can be fun for the little ones in your home. For something even more refreshing, keep a couple of them in the refrigerator and use them after you’ve been outside.


Freeze Your Sheets


Some people claim the most unexpected part of moving to Fort Lauderdale is how hot it can be while you sleep. Give yourself a cool blast by freezing your sheets for a few minutes before you go to bed. While they won’t stay cool all night, they should do so long enough for you to fall asleep. Use a plastic bag to keep food smells from absorbing into them.


Change Your Eating Habits


Stop using the stove and consider avoiding the grill during Florida’s warmer months. Lighter, colder foods will keep you from having to work near a hot surface. Try deli sandwiches, cold fruit salads and, of course, plenty of ice cream to stay cool during the hot Florida summer.


Create a Makeshift Air Conditioner


If you aren’t lucky enough to have central air, try creating your own. Use a roasting pan to create a block of ice and then set the pan in front of a fan. As the block of ice melts, the fan will pick up the water from the surface and create a cool mist that blows across the room.


These tips are excellent starting points but there are plenty of ways to keep cool in Florida. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated as well. Perhaps you could even offer some cool water to your movers from All My Sons of Fort Lauderdale.

A common question Fort Lauderdale movers get is in relation to the nightlife around the city. New residents want to know what they can do without driving too far. Moving to Fort Lauderdale is great for a lot of reasons, and one of those reasons is the fact there is a ton to do once the sun sets.


Blue Martini Lounge


One of the most popular destinations for residents to head to is the Blue Martini Lounge. This is an upscale lounge that serves dozens of unique signature cocktails. This is the perfect place to host a private event, and most nights, you will get to witness exceptional live entertainment.


American Social Bar & Kitchen


Whether you want to go to a trendy place to enjoy a nice dinner or a cocktail with a group of friends, American Social is for you. The food is utterly delectable with most dishes offering a slight twist on common American cuisine. There are also more than 40 craft beers. Make sure to stop in at some point on a Monday night for trivia and $5 burgers.


Original Fat Cat’s


Anyone wanting to go somewhere with more of an old school vibe should definitely check out Original Fat Cat’s. Over 80 different types of beer are offered here, so there is always something new to try. Live music is performed every night of the week, so stay until the place closes at four in the morning.


Additional Places


The above three places are just the beginning. During your time in Fort Lauderdale, you can also experience the following stellar places.


  • Tap 42
  • America’s Backyard
  • Vibe
  • Hunters Nightclub
  • Stache Drinking Den & Coffee Bar
  • YOLO


No matter why you have moved to Fort Lauderdale, one thing is certain: you will never be bored here. Get started on the right foot by having All My Sons of Fort Lauderdale take care of the moving process for you.


Storing all of the items in your home has the potential to get messy, cluttered, and completely unorganized. Fortunately for you, the team of Fort Lauderdale movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are storage professionals, and know all of the best storage hacks for you to organize and save space at your home.

-Use a hanger and shower curtain hooks to store your scarfs.

-Mount a corkboard and some pins to the wall near your dresser to hang your necklaces and bracelets so they do not get tangled in a drawer.

-Use a wine rack in your bathroom as what the Fort Lauderdale movers would call a fancy, creative way for storing towels. You can also do this for blankets in your living room.

-Use a dish rack to store eyeshadow pallets and other pieces of makeup.

-Use ice cube trays inside of drawers to store small items.

-Use magazine holders to conveniently store nonperishable canned items in your pantry.

-Store sports balls in the garage like they do at the store. One of the overlooked storage hacks is a ball cage made with bungee cords attached to shelves mounted on the wall.

-Use lazy Susan bearings to organize anything underneath any sink. They are always very helpful.

-Use a small curtain rod underneath your sink for hanging cleaning supply bottles on.

-If you have a game room, make board games into wall art. Get creative and put them in interesting patterns.

Fort Lauderdale movers suggest hanging a shoe organizer in the pantry to hold things in little pouches.

Exercising is an important part of a South Floridian’s lifestyle, and what better way to do it than the great outdoors? The Fort Lauderdale movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage know the ins and outs of all of Fort Lauderdale, so we know the perfect places for you to break a sweat outdoors.

Calisthenics Park is a part of Fort Lauderdale beach that features a massive outdoor fitness gym. The trail has pull up bars, parallel bars, low bars, and incline benches. The Fort Lauderdale movers love this bodyweight fitness course because it is right in the sand on the water, the perfect place to exercise outdoors.

The Gym Ft. Lauderdale Beach is the only gym in the United States with an open roof top workout area that has panoramic views of the ocean and the intercostal. If you wish to lift weights to exercise outdoors, this is a wonderful gym to try out for size.

A1A Fort Lauderdale Beach is a great place to jog or rollerblade, as the beach is on one side and shops, restaurants, and bars are on the other. After your outdoor exercise, Fort Lauderdale movers suggest stopping by one of the restaurants for a nice post-workout meal.

There are plenty of other places to exercise outdoors in Fort Lauderdale. For more information on things to do in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area, check out the rest of our blog and our moving articles!