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Housing Market Flourishes in Fort Lauderdale

Your Fort Lauderdale professional movers are excited to hear the optimistic reports about the housing market in the Fort Lauderdale area. In Broward County it appears that the housing market is beginning to improve with reports of increased housing prices. One percent more houses have been sold and prices have increased by eight percent in comparison to last year. Now houses are spending less time on the market now with a median of 39 days. Some real estate agents are even reporting bidding wars over some pieces of real estate. As the housing market continues to improve, remember to call your Fort Lauderdale moving specialists to assist you during your relocation.

Reggie Bush Gives Teammates New Way to Move!

If you are one of Reggie Bush’s many followers on Twitter, then you probably already know about the rather lavish gifts he purchased for his entire offensive line. Bush expressed his appreciation to his teammates by giving them each their own Segway, likely the most favorite personal pedestrian vehicle in existence. Your local Miami movers are sure the token of Reggie’s appreciation was well received as many Miami Dolphins players were seen resembling children on Christmas (who received Segways from Santa!) riding their new toys around in a nearby parking lot. Teamwork is important, and your Miami Dolphins official movers think of Bush’s expression of gratitude as a sign that we should expect good things from the Dolphins on the football field this year!

Moving to a Temporary Apartment? Pack Effectively

Living out of moving boxes is no fun, however, if you are relocating to a new house soon, you may be doing just that while transitioning into your new Fort Lauderdale home. There are many reasons why you may move into an apartment in Ft Lauderdale temporarily before moving to your new residence. As you may only be spending a few months waiting to move into your new home, unpacking your moving boxes right away may not be a wise decision. If you expect to be delayed either while waiting for your new house to be built or while waiting for the current residents of your new home to vacate, organizing your boxes effectively is extremely important!

To Move or Not to Move: How to Handle Bad Neighbors

Not all neighbors were created equal, and sometimes a neighbor’s personality flaws can really interfere with your own well-being at home. Your Fort Lauderdale local movers know a thing or two about bad neighbors, and may just have a bit of advice for those who may be preparing for a neighborly war!

There are many neighborly dilemmas which can really sour your home life. For every problematic neighbor though, there is a solution! Never underestimate the power of simply talking to your neighbors, getting third parties involved may help, but is not always necessary. And of course, you can always consider moving to a new neighborhood when bad neighbor woes become too much to deal with civilly.

Your Moving Game Plan: When to Take it Slow

Be it at the beginning or during the tail end of your move, your Ft Lauderdale relocation experts know tasks involved with relocating can quickly become overwhelming! Once you have moved into your new home, you will probably have piles of boxes to unpack which may look like a lot of work. Your towers of unpacked moving boxes may be intimidating but they aren’t going to start unpacking themselves, therefore; procrastination is not an option! Just because the items still remaining on your moving to do list may seem like a lot of work doesn’t mean that finishing up has to feel like a lot of work. Rather than trying to tackle all of your unpacking duties in one go, consider unpacking more gradually so you can relax productively. Make it a point to unpack a certain number of boxes each day, or to unpack one box every couple of hours or so. On top being more relaxed, by unpacking your moving boxes gradually you can also organize your new home easier and more efficiently. Be sure to find a place for all of your empty moving boxes, they will come in handy for your next move or for the move of a friend or family member!

A Deadline-Free Move is a Stress-Free Move

Just because you don’t have to move doesn’t mean that it isn’t something you should consider. Moving can be a great way to start over, or a refreshing way to add a little spice to your life. Maybe a lousy neighbor is your reason for wanting to move to a new area, or perhaps you are just growing bored of your current surroundings and want to explore a new neck of the woods; your reason for moving doesn’t always have to be urgent. Furthermore; to move for reasons lacking urgency is to move stress-free. Urgency is one of the main contributors to moving stress. If you aren’t hounded by deadlines, then your move can be not only stress-free, but also a rather exhilarating experience!

Your Moving Plans Are Important!

Moving is nothing but stress for some people! It definitely doesn’t have to be stressful, but if you’re not used to moving every single day and live a particularly busy life, things can definitely get out of hand quick. If you know that you will soon be moving to a new home, the time to start planning your move is right now! The early stages of planning for your move are not taxing at all, and furthermore; planning can prevent your move from becoming a nightmare when everything is in full swing.

Planning for your move, no matter what type of move you have, should include at least three basic components. The three components common to every moving plan are budget, schedule, and deciding which additional relocation services you will need to make it all happen smoothly.

  • Budget is pretty obvious. You can surely figure out what you’ll be able to afford and incorporate it into what you need as far as moving supplies and services go. The sooner you plan your moving budget, the sooner your moving stress will begin to fade away.
  • Scheduling is extremely important if school or work take up a good amount of your time. Moving is time consuming, and the last thing that you want is to realize when it is too late that your moving date conflicts with any other important obligations in your life. Scheduling ahead of time what days will be devoted to what will prevent a headache on your day of moving.
  • Finally, moving services should also be considered well in advance of your moving day. Having pre-planned the budget and scheduling aspects of your move date, moving services that you need should be much easier to figure out. On top of the level of service you’ll require for your move, you should also be sure to research local moving companies so that when you hire your Ft Lauderdale mover, you hire a mover who you know will respect your home and property –and you too!

Feel free to consider your movers to be your go-to source for any questions you may have regarding your move! Check out this local radio host from the West Palm Beach area and what he has to say about your movers here! We have several local offices throughout the country and the state of Florida, and we all believe in the same principles when it comes to providing our communities with excellent relocation services!

The “New” Ft Lauderdale

Ft Lauderdale has gone through a considerable amount of evolution in the recent years. The once infamous spring-break headquarters has shed its strident cocoon and emerged a modern and rather classy beach town. Over the last decade, several hotel developments have even sprouted, such as the Ritz-Carlton and W Hotel, giving a classy more mature vibe to the fashionable city. Come visit and you’ll likely want to move to Ft. Lauderdale; especially if arts, golf, or yachting strike your fancy (not to mention a delicious variety of restaurants!) See for yourself! You may want to bookmark your Ft. Lauderdale relocation experts… just a thought!