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All My Sons movers can vouch that dog friendly Fort Lauderdale is the place to be this season with your furry friend. From parks to beaches, there is an array of options for places to play and socialize with your dog. During the fall season, you will notice a small drop in temperature and humidity; this creates the perfect weather to spend more time outside with your pet! Local Fort Lauderdale movers recommend taking your best furry friend to the following dog-friendly Fort Lauderdale places.

Beaches. Take your dog to Fort Lauderdale beach on the weekends. North of Sunrise Blvd there is a Canine Beach in Fort Lauderdale that your pet is sure to love. While this beach is not an off-the-leash one, you and your dog can still enjoy the sun, sand, and waves together. If you do not mind heading just south of Fort Lauderdale, there is another dog beach in Hollywood, Florida. Both of these beaches are only open on the weekends.

Parks. Dog friendly Fort Lauderdale would not exist if there were no dog parks! Your dog will love these off-leash parks. “Bark Park” at Snyder Park is a favorite among Fort Lauderdale movers and locals. Be sure to check out Barkham Park at Markham Park as well.

Restaurants. As the weather cools off, your pup will love being able to join you for some outside dining. Fort Lauderdale restaurants are almost always equipped with outdoor, dog friendly seating. Las Olas Blvd puts meaning in the name dog friendly Fort Lauderdale, as you will see countless furry friends with their owners.

If you are spending your Thanksgiving in Fort Lauderdale this year, you are in luck! This sunny, south Florida city will be providing you with an array of options to participate in with friends or family. Check out this list put together by All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our Fort Lauderdale local movers know this city like the back of their hand, and can always suggest the most popular things to do this Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving Eve at Americas Backyard. Locals say that Thanksgiving eve is the most popular night of the year to hit the town! Downtown Fort Lauderdale will not disappoint. They will have amazing music and awesome drink specials for you to enjoy. The party will not stop till four in the morning, so make sure your official turkey day plans are set to start a little later in the day.

The Turkey Trot. Taking place on Thanksgiving Day, you can balance activity and indulgence. You have the option to either run or walk this 5k. You can also opt to paddle two miles on a stand-up paddle board. Fort Lauderdale local movers agree that it is not uncommon to stay active every day in this city, Thanksgiving in Fort Lauderdale is no different.

Holiday Lights at Trade Winds Park. Right after Thanksgiving, you can view the beautiful holiday lights at Trade Winds Park. Open every day throughout the New Year, you and your family can easily get into the holiday spirit at the Holiday Lights display at Trade Winds Park.

Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise. Don’t feel like cooking this year? Book a spot on the Lady Windridge for Thanksgiving. Buffet dinner, drinks, appetizers, and entertainment will all be provided. What better way to spend your holiday than on the water.

Whether this city is your new home or you are visiting loved ones, you will not come up short with all that there is to do on Thanksgiving in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale local movers can agree that spending this season in the sun is a great way to enjoy the holiday.

8002889079_a6bd6120d2_zPompano Beach located just minutes away from Miami and Ft Lauderdale is a relative newcomer to Florida’s cities. First settled in 1896 the land the city resides on was given as a gift by Frank Sheene. Legend has it that the city got it’s name from Sheene’s survey of the area, in which he wrote the name of a variety of local fish he dined on. The arrival of rail service led to fast growth, and the city was incorporated in 1908 as the Town of Pompano. With the boom in tourism during the 1920’s many permanent and seasonal residents moved to the area.

Today Pompano Beach is rated as one of the best real estate markets in Florida. The city has continued to grow and as of 2012 it’s population has grown to over 100,000. The population is quite diverse, with large numbers of Italian and Cuban Americans. The city has the largest Haitian population in the country. One very important component of the city’s growth are the so called ‘Snow-Birds’ from Northern climes who winter in Florida.

In order to boost and revitalize the downtown area the city has begun to offer many free and discounted activities. The Limelight Street Festival is one of the highlights. On the last Wednesday of every month, free food, wine and music are available downtown on 1st Street. This month the theme will be “Fish And Chicks” featuring local female artists and musicians. Every Friday evening one local business is selected to host Happy Hour At The Beach on East Atlantic Blvd, offering free food, and samples of their wares. The last of Friday of each month offers Movies Under The Stars On The Great Lawn At The Beach. Free family friendly movies are available, this month’s offering is Toy Story 3.

Pompano Beach is a great diverse city with plenty to do and see. If you’re thinking of moving to the city that the Goodyear Blimp Spirit Of Innovation calls home, contact your friends in the moving business All My Sons Moving & Storage.

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This year was projected to be a great year of listings for those looking to move in South Florida. The market suffered greatly in 2012 and 2013 because of the low amount of homes that were on the market. However, there was some growth over the last two years that was thought to stimulate optimism and make the market grow significantly in 2014.

Unfortunately that hope has not come to fruition as of yet. Although the market has grown in 2014, and more homes are on the market now than this time last year, there are many real estate agents and perspective homeowners who are frustrated by the lack of quality homes.

However, the growth is still encouraging for the real estate market to see. In April, the market in Palm Beach County had grown 17% from the same time period a year earlier, and the first quarter of 2014 experience a growth of 9% in comparison to the first quarter of 2013.

Fort Lauderdale experienced a massive leap in April 2014 when compared to April 2013. The market had experienced a growth of 41%, and the housing market targeted by young homeowners (which falls in the $150,000 – $299,999 range) increased by 72%.

But in the end, these houses are not going up for sale in the most desired areas, and if they are, then they are not always the highest quality of homes. Sellers are also being told that the market is “hot” which leads them to believe that they can aim high with their asking price, which is actually driving buyers away. Both buyers and sellers are frustrated by the market, and hope to see some resolve soon.

If you have found a new home to move into in the Fort Lauderdale area, then let your local moving company help get you settled in. All My Sons can provide you with unbeatable customer service and will give you the best moving experience you can ask for.


Your Fort Lauderdale professional movers are excited to hear the optimistic reports about the housing market in the Fort Lauderdale area. In Broward County it appears that the housing market is beginning to improve with reports of increased housing prices. One percent more houses have been sold and prices have increased by eight percent in comparison to last year. Now houses are spending less time on the market now with a median of 39 days. Some real estate agents are even reporting bidding wars over some pieces of real estate. As the housing market continues to improve, remember to call your Fort Lauderdale moving specialists to assist you during your relocation.

Your Ft Lauderdale movers heard that there were reports of manatee-sightings on Mother’s Day. Several of the playful manatees moved in on swimmer-territory which scared some and delighted others. Interestingly enough, the manatees appeared to be gathered for the sake of nursing their young; very appropriate given that the sea cow sightings occurred on Mother’s Day! Your Ft Lauderdale mover here saw a cool video of the happenings, it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen at a Ft Lauderdale beach; these beach-goers certainly picked the right day to enjoy some fun in the sun and sea. Lifeguards eventually cleared the waters after the thirty-minute manatee show. Your South Florida movers are sure the sea-cow-swim was a blast while it lasted!

If you are one of Reggie Bush’s many followers on Twitter, then you probably already know about the rather lavish gifts he purchased for his entire offensive line. Bush expressed his appreciation to his teammates by giving them each their own Segway, likely the most favorite personal pedestrian vehicle in existence. Your local Miami movers are sure the token of Reggie’s appreciation was well received as many Miami Dolphins players were seen resembling children on Christmas (who received Segways from Santa!) riding their new toys around in a nearby parking lot. Teamwork is important, and your Miami Dolphins official movers think of Bush’s expression of gratitude as a sign that we should expect good things from the Dolphins on the football field this year!

Living out of moving boxes is no fun, however, if you are relocating to a new house soon, you may be doing just that while transitioning into your new Fort Lauderdale home. There are many reasons why you may move into an apartment in Ft Lauderdale temporarily before moving to your new residence. As you may only be spending a few months waiting to move into your new home, unpacking your moving boxes right away may not be a wise decision. If you expect to be delayed either while waiting for your new house to be built or while waiting for the current residents of your new home to vacate, organizing your boxes effectively is extremely important!

Not all neighbors were created equal, and sometimes a neighbor’s personality flaws can really interfere with your own well-being at home. Your Fort Lauderdale local movers know a thing or two about bad neighbors, and may just have a bit of advice for those who may be preparing for a neighborly war!

There are many neighborly dilemmas which can really sour your home life. For every problematic neighbor though, there is a solution! Never underestimate the power of simply talking to your neighbors, getting third parties involved may help, but is not always necessary. And of course, you can always consider moving to a new neighborhood when bad neighbor woes become too much to deal with civilly.

Be it at the beginning or during the tail end of your move, your Ft Lauderdale relocation experts know tasks involved with relocating can quickly become overwhelming! Once you have moved into your new home, you will probably have piles of boxes to unpack which may look like a lot of work. Your towers of unpacked moving boxes may be intimidating but they aren’t going to start unpacking themselves, therefore; procrastination is not an option! Just because the items still remaining on your moving to do list may seem like a lot of work doesn’t mean that finishing up has to feel like a lot of work. Rather than trying to tackle all of your unpacking duties in one go, consider unpacking more gradually so you can relax productively. Make it a point to unpack a certain number of boxes each day, or to unpack one box every couple of hours or so. On top being more relaxed, by unpacking your moving boxes gradually you can also organize your new home easier and more efficiently. Be sure to find a place for all of your empty moving boxes, they will come in handy for your next move or for the move of a friend or family member!