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Worried about a fast approaching move?

Don’t worry! Yes, there is a ton that needs to be done, but keeping a level head and making a list that you follow routinely will help. There are other tasks that must be completed before you can move into a new neighborhood or community. Such as the great community that our local office serves. To make sure that you’ve done everything to ensure a successful move, here are some last minute to-do’s to keep in mind.

Transfer School Records

Ask your current school system to make copies of your school records for safe keeping.

Open New Bank Accounts

A lot of banks are regional, so if you’re moving long distance you may have to find a new bank that’s closer to where you’re moving to. If you need to find a new bank, be sure to open a new account before closing your current account.

Find a new Doctor

Finding a good doctor is crucial. Obviously, it’s hard to take your current doctor with you on your move. So research and talk to local doctors in your new area and talk to them until you find one who puts you at ease when it comes to you.

Transfer Prescriptions

If anyone in your family needs to take medication regularly, then have a couple of month’s worth of prescriptions from your doctor. Have these prescriptions called into the pharmacy in your new town.

Transfer Medical Records / Insurance

Have up to date medical records for the new doctor, and contact your insurance company and make them aware of your move. Some insurance companies don’t cover certain areas of the country.

Our local movers office strives to be a few notches better than other Fort Lauderdale Local Movers. So we can help you accomplish everything you need to ensure a quick, easy, and effortless move. Just check our website or call for a free local move or long distance move estimate. Even if you just need packing materials, we provide those too! Let our family move yours

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