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Ft Lauderdale Movers Commemorate Legendary Pioneers

To get where it is today, the moving industry has and will definitely continue to rely upon the pioneers in this business that never stop striving to push the envelope. Your reputable Ft Lauderdale mover here falls under the “pioneers” category for sure! Old fashioned care is one excellent quality that your Florida movers here possess, but advanced moving techniques are an even bigger ticket to our success and our status in the moving industry. Having built our Fort Lauderdale moving company from the ground up, there were certainly times of uncertainty calling for risks to be taken in an ongoing effort to raise the bar and provide nothing but state-of-the-art relocation services for our loyal customers. You can always count on us to continue this mode of thinking, and thus can always consider this family owned company your mover for life!

And talk about pioneers! Joe Kittinger who daringly performed the first parachute jump from the outer-most limits of the earths atmosphere was the first man ever to take such a bold risk in aviation; he fell moving toward the Earth at speeds of over 600 miles per hour and actually broke the speed of sound before his parachute was deployed! The historical “space jump” occurred in 1960 to make this pioneer even more legendary! The objective behind the jump was to improve in-air plane evacuation methods as air crafts were quickly beginning to reach higher altitudes back in the ‘50s. Kittinger is without a doubt, a man worthy of extreme admiration; your movers here can definitely take inspiration away from this historical benchmark and use it as a motivator to continue dominating and redefining the moving industry as we know it! Check out this YouTube video which documents the renowned Joe Kittinger jump from 102,800 feet above the Earth’s surface!

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