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Choosing the Correct Furniture Pad

When moving your own furniture, you’re probably a little bit nervous. You want everything to well and you want to avoid as many damages as possible. To do that, you need to have the correct furniture pad. Having a durable furniture pad is what’s going to truly protect your furniture from any potential damage. The Fort Lauderdale movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are going to tell you what to look for when choosing a furniture pad.

There are three characteristics that determine the quality of a furniture pad: the weight of the pad, the type of fabric being used and the type of binding.

The weight of the furniture pad determines its durability and amount of protection that it will provide. Furniture pads are usually measured by weight, so that’s a good determination of which furniture pad you should purchase.

You should consider a furniture pad with a zig zag pattern to help prevent snags from becoming tears in the blanket. These furniture pads are usually made from non-woven polyester, and are a durable economical choice. There are also woven polyester furniture pads that are weaved in a crisscross pattern for additional strength and tear resistance.

Lastly, the binding is also important because it makes the blanket more durable during use. When you’re looking at the binding on moving blankets, it should be uniform, tightly stitched and have no rips. If you intend to keep your furniture pad and wash it, you should consider one with a woven binding to keep it in tact.

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