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Breathe Easy After Your Move

If you have recently had a local move in Fort Lauderdale to your new home, you may notice a difference in the quality of the air in your new place. It is not too uncommon to notice such a difference that you develop a cough not long after you begin to settle in, and there is nothing settling about an annoying cough. Even if you are not up all night choking on the air in your new place, you should still take a few simple steps to ensure that you are breathing fresh air in your new home!

  • First, take a look at the air filter in your home. Chances are high if you are not breathing well in the new house, that the former tenants haven’t replaced the air filter in a while. If you notice a dirty air filter, replace it immediately so that you can sleep easy!
  • Next, take a day to do some detailed cleaning. Dust your new home so that there are fewer particles in the air to hamper your comfortable breathing. The more thorough you are, the better!
  • Finally, open up some windows to let some fresh air move in and force the stale air out. You may even consider adding a few small house plants to your new home. House plants have been known to possess an air purifying quality, so this may be right up your alley!

Taking these simple steps to ensure your new home is a great home to live and breathe in will be well worth the effort! After your move and spring cleaning are over, you’ll really be able to relax and appreciate how awesome your new place is!

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